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Martin Lings, Metaphysics and the Perennial Philosophy An important contributor to the understanding of spirituality and religion in our times discusses the importance and meaning of  the Sophia Perennis.   Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Knowledge and the Sacred. This lecture of Knowledge and the Sacred  is based upon his monumental book, Knowledge and the Sacred, which was a compilation of material from his Gifford Lectures.

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Black Elk Speaks, Shadowcatchers, Wisdomkeepers: 'Black Elk Speaks' as told to John G. Neihardt, read by Fred Contreras; 'Shadowcatchers' by Steve Wall, read by Apesanahkwat, Michael Toms and Saginaw; and 'Wisdomkeepers' by Steve Wall and Harvey Arden, read by Fred Gonyea, Ray Gonyea, Tammy Rahr and Michael Toms. More... Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind, by Shunryu Suzuki: Shunryu Suzuki (1905-'71) was a direct spiritual descendant of the great thirteenth-century Zen master, Dogen. This inspiring work ranks with the great Zen classics...As he reveals the actual practice of Zen as a discipline for daily life one begins to understand what Zen is really about.   Ethics for the New Millennium, by the Dalai Lama: The Dalai Lama bases his exquisitely argued cry for a new look at society on the radical notion that human beings are "originally pure" and presents a persuasive examination of human's fundamental natures.  

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Click here for a complete list of Paths to the Heart Conference audio selections. Recommended for people who are curious about the mystical practices of Sufism and the Christian East (Hesychasm). The lectures focus on the heart as the center of the human and mystical experience, and "invocation of the Name" (including various forms of prayer) as a historical method of reaching that center. As a whole, the lectures provide a valuable guide to various subtleties of  these two religions. Some of the material is relatively scholarly and may require background or follow-up reading, but is well worth the time.





Armstrong, Karen A History of God CD/Tape
Black Elk The Sacred Pipe CD/Tape
Blake, William William Blake: Poems CD/Tape
Cross, Stephen The Arts - A Superstition of Our Time? RealPlayer  
Dalai Lama Ethics for a New Millennium CD/Tape
Glass, Marty Interview for Yuga: An Anatomy of Our Fate RealPlayer
Lewis, C.S. The Complete Chronicles of Narnia CD/Tape
Lewis, C.S. Mere Christianity CD/Tape
Lewis, C.S. The Screwtape Letters/Seven Storey Mountain/The Gospel According to Jesus CD/Tape
Lings, Martin Frithjof Schuon and Rene Guenon RealPlayer
Lings, Martin Metaphysics & The Perennial Philosophy RealPlayer
Nasr, Seyyed Hossein Cosmology, Ecology and Sacred Architecture RealPlayer
Nasr, Seyyed Hossein The Heart is the Throne of the All-Merciful RealPlayer
Nasr, Seyyed Hossein Islam, Secular Society and the Sacred RealPlayer
Nasr, Seyyed Hossein Knowledge and the Sacred RealPlayer
Nasr, Seyyed Hossein Sufism - It's Impact on Western Thought RealPlayer
Neihardt, John G. Black Elk Speaks/Shadowcatchers/Wisdomkeepers CD/Tape
Polt, Martin Spiritual Questions and the Perennial Philosophy, Part 1 RealPlayer
Sherrard, Phillip Presuppositions of the Sacred RealPlayer
Smith, Huston The Monotheist and the Mystic: There is One God/Only God RealPlayer
Smith, Huston Religions of the World CD/Tape
Smith, Huston The Long Way Home RealPlayer
Suzuki, Shuryu Zen Mind, Beginners Mind CD/Tape
Upton, Charles Interview for The System of Antichrist: Truth and Falsehood in Postmodernism and the New Age RealPlayer
Timothy (Kallistos) Ware How Do We Enter the Heart, and What Do We Find When We Enter? RealPlayer

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