La Vita Nuova
Vita Nuova
By: Alighieri, Dante
Translator Cervigni, Dino S.
Translator Vasta, Edward
Publication Date: 1996/06
Binding: Paper
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A spiritual autobiography, interspersed with poems, in which Dante--writing some years after his beloved Beatrice's death--charts his devotion her

'When people would ask, 'For whom has Love so undone you?' I, smiling, would look at them and say nothing.'

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"If we start from his predecessors, Dante's language is a well-nigh incomprehensible miracle. There were great poets among them. But compared with theirs, his style is so immeasurably richer in directness, vigor, and subtlety, he knows and uses such an immeasurably greater stock of forms, he expresses the most varied phenomena and subjects with such immeasurably superior assurance and firmness, that we come to the conclusion that this man used his language to discover the world anew."--Erich Auerbach in Mimesis


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