The Cambridge Companion to Ralph Waldo Emerson
By Porte, Joel
1999/04 - Cambridge University Press
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The Cambridge Companion to Ralph Waldo Emerson is intended to provide a critical introduction to Emerson's work. The tradition of American literature and philosophy as we know it at the end of the twentieth century was largely shaped by Emerson's example and practice. This volume offers students, scholars, and the general reader a collection of fresh interpretations of Emerson's writing, milieu, influence, and cultural significance. All essays are newly commissioned for this volume, written at an accessible yet challenging level, and augmented by a comprehensive chronology and bibliography.


List of Contributors
List of Abbreviations
Chronology of Emerson's Life
Introduction: Representing America - the Emerson Legacy 1
1 Transcendentalism and Its Times 13
2 Ralph Waldo Emerson in His Family 30
3 The Radical Emerson? 49
4 Emerson as Lecturer: Man Thinking, Man Saying 76
5 Emerson and Nature 97
6 Essays: First Series (1841) 106
7 Transcendental Friendship: Emerson, Fuller, and Thoreau 121
8 Tears for Emerson: Essays, Second Series 140
9 "The Remembering Wine": Emerson's Influence on Whitman and Dickinson 162
10 Post-Colonial Emerson and the Erasure of Europe 192
11 "Metre-Making" Arguments: Emerson's Poems 218
12 The Conduct of Life: Emerson's Anatomy of Power 243
Selected Bibliography 267
Index 275


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