Gifts of the Spirit: Living the Wisdom of the Great Religious Traditions
By Zaleski, Philip
1998/11 - HarperSanFrancisco
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Sponsored by the Fetzer Institute and the Nathan Cummings Foundation, this resource gathers the wisdom of the greatest spiritual teachers and experts from the major religious traditions in America today. Focusing on the essentials of human life that range from daily activities to major life transitions, "Gifts of the Spirit" offers an illuminating and authoritative tour through a variety of religious customs. Illustrations.

Gifts of the Spirit offers an everyday spiritual path that each of us can put into practice. While many of us will remain anchored on one tradition - whether it be Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, or other - this book shows that our lives can be enhanced and deepened by encounters with other practices and perspectives, as well as by exploration of the hidden riches of our own tradition.

Table of Contents

Authors' Note
A Note on Bible Translations
Introduction 1
Pt. 1 Day
1 Introduction: Life in a Day 15
2 Waking Up 25
3 Eating 43
4 Working 57
5 Simple Pleasures 74
6 Being with Others 89
7 Words 105
8 Movement 127
9 Going to Sleep 139
Pt. 2 Life
10 Introduction: Passages in the Life Cycle 155
11 Birth 162
12 Childhood 177
13 Coming-of-Age 191
14 Marriage and Family 207
15 Aging 223
16 Dying 238
Conclusion 257
Appendix 259
Notes 263
Acknowledgments 271

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