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What is the David Library?

For people not familiar with the authors, teachers, and other contributors of content found on, we offer the David Library. Here, you will not find the works of many popular teachers who have presented the perennial philosophy in the framework of the New Age, Spiritual Evolution, or Progress, works which are to our benefit to the degree that the teachings have remained pure, and to our detriment to the degree that the teachings perpetuate the very relativity and limitations which we are trying to see beyond. We live in the age where materialism, solidification, and separation from the Spirit are qualities of all existence, and we should be aware that some spiritual teachings and pseudo-religions lead us deeper into the abyss, according to the saying, "the corruption of the best is the worst." We need teachings that save us rather than harm us, no matter how unintentionally.

The Sophia Perennis, the Perennial Philosophy, in its most pure form—as represented in its essence by the great revelations and their prophets, saints, and sages, among them the Buddha, Jesus Christ,  Muhammad, and Lao Tsu—is unchanging, unbounded, and infinite, revealed by the Divine Spirit to guide us on our spiritual paths to Reality, to our Center, to the Self.

 The Perennial Philosophy cannot be changed to meet the times, but the qualities and character of "the times" can be better understood, and the Truth can be elaborated upon so that we can better understand how it relates us as spiritual people living in the modern world. An understanding, a harmonious convergence of all that it means to be human, can be found in the content of The Perennial Philosophy at the heart of the world's wisdom traditions has illuminated the minds and souls of many people. Through the grace of the Divine Spirit, we hope that we can present these truths in a pure, yet more familiar and accessible way, to reach those for whom the message is intended. 

Throughout the website, you will find books, audio, articles, and other content that is clearly marked as 'David Library' content. These selections are particularly targeted as more accessible to the general visitor. In addition, the following pages of the David Library are intended to serve as a guide to understanding the context of and answers to important spiritual questions.



Who are some of the main contributors to

Around the middle of the twentieth century there surfaced in a few obscure journals and determined independent presses a school of writers on religion so lucid, authoritative and persuasive that their exposition, so deadly serious in their mission, so formidable in their intelligence, thorough in their erudition, unassailable in their integrity and unwavering in their commitment to the sacred, and so threatening and even incomprehensible to organized religion, the academic community, the intellectuals of modernity and, above all, to the claims and style of the dominant culture, of the modern experience as a whole that their work, if known at all, was dismissed by establishment reviewers and publishers as arcane and unmarketable and awareness of it relegated over the decades to a relatively small group of several thousand people in America and Europe fortunate enough to have discovered them and been transformed forever by the encounter. 



Like David, slayer of giants and singer of psalms, master of the sling and the harp, they take on the entire mind-boggling modern culture of decadence and deceit, they go for the throat, and, in the irresistible brilliance, beauty and power of their prose, in their serene witness to 'forgotten truth', emerge victorious in the hearts and minds of their grateful readers. 

So we call the introductory collection of their work, along with the perennial texts that support them, The David Library, available on to people searching for answers to the most important questions, who yearn for the truth and have recognized the limits of modern spiritual offerings. We present this Library and the entire website to you in the spirit which informed its inspiration .


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