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The Purpose

To see the questions and responses, choose a Set of questions from the menu. To make comments, use the form below. The Relationship of the seeker to spiritual teaching and teachers is subtle, intimate, and providential, and so it remains a question just how much advice can be transmitted in a format such as a website. Our initial idea is merely to point seekers in appropriate directions through communication of experiences related to common spiritual challenges, without violating the discretion and without presuming to offer spiritual advice to strangers. If a seeker is assisted in any way along her Path, or spiritual questions are clarified, then our purpose has been met.

How it works

The questions represent some of those commonly asked by serious seekers trying to find authentic spirituality in the modern world. We hope that various individuals will answer the questions in an effort to provide at least a glimpse of the ways in which the Sophia Perennis is reflected in our world and our lives today.  We attempt to get comments from contributors who have other work presented on the website, such as books, audio/video, articles, or poems that may be available to deepen the seeker's knowledge of the contributors' perspective. Seekers may feel drawn to one or more perspectives represented by the answers, which may encourage further study or the development of personal contacts along some particular line. We gratefully ask for your suggestions and comments. 

We will monitor responses to this material and formulate more questions, or ask for elaboration of questions, or post relevant responses to the discussion. Generally, this will not be an ongoing dialogue or debate in which contributors will respond directly to comments, but instead it is simply meant to illuminate various truths. 

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