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Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, Symbols and The Interpretation of Symbols: A pre-eminent teacher of the Sophia Perennis discusses the meaning and interpretation of symbols. Symbols represent principial, universal ideas and truths. In art, for example, symbolic meaning should go beyond the aesthetic character and attendant emotional responses evoked by shapes, colors, and sensory experiences. Symbols in the traditional context appeal not only to the beauty of the senses, but pierce "through the senses to the intellect," where we discover knowledge of what is Real... The Marriage of Wisdom and Method, by Marco Pallis. An excellent summary of Tibetan Buddhism. Marco Pallis provides a unique perspective on Tibetan Buddhism that is heightened by his own providential experiences, his natural style of writing, and his profound insights into the spiritual life and the Way.
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Author Title Format David
Bolton, Robert Anthony Dualism and the Philosophy of the Soul Text
Bolton, Robert Anthony Life, Death, and Resurrection Text
Bolton, Robert Anthony Reflections on the Stone Text
Coomaraswamy, Ananda K. Symbols and the Interpretation of Symbols PDF  
Cooper, J.C. The Symbolism of the Taoist Garden PDF
Farber, Seth Christian Humanism: Beyond Secularism Text
Farber, Seth Augustine and The Western Guilt Culture Text
Herlihy, John Ahmed The Miracle of Ayurveda: Ancient Treatments for Modern Afflictions PDF
Oldmeadow, Harry C.G. Jung & Mircea Eliade 'Priests Without Surplices?'? Reflections on the Place of Myth, Religion and Science in Their Work PDF
Pallis, Marco The Marriage of Wisdom and Method PDF
Tompkins, Ptolemy Recovering a Visionary Geography: Henry Corbin and the Missing Ingredient in Our Culture of Images Text
Tompkins, Ptolemy The Wisdom Eaters Text
Upton, Charles The System of Antichrist and September 11 Text
Zaleski, Philip The Evil That Men Do Text
Zaleski, Philip God Help the Spiritual Writer Text
Zaleski, Philip The Night Journey of Nicodemus Text

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