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Awareness of the Sacred

Represents the manifestation of the Divine in the realm of being, the means by which human beings cross the bridge between the human and the Divine, between the Real and the illusory. These modes of revelation include cosmology that represents the structure of the created realms; symbols that remind us of what is real and important in our lives; nature and art that capture the essence of that which surpasses the illusion; the words of prophets, saints, sages and teachers that serve as guides; scripture and sacred texts that was given to us with grace to assist us on our spiritual paths; other subject matter. 


Teachers and Contributors Books and Reviews Audio and Video News and Articles
Myth, Symbol, Folklore and Epic
Nature and Art
Prophets, Saints, Sages and Teachers
Scripture and Sacred Texts

Faces of the Perennial Philosophy

Each traditional religion reveals a different "face" of God or the Divine to its practitioners. Here we find the diverse modes that are provided to various types of spiritual personalities at different historical cycles to meet the spiritual and religious needs of human beings, to allow us to find the true Self that calls to us from eternity.


Teachers and Contributors Books and Reviews Audio and Video News and Articles
Comparative Religion
American Indian
Christianity and Hesychasm
The Greeks
Islam and Sufism
Judaism and Kabbalah
Taoism and Confucianism
Other Religions (Egyptian, Hermeticism, etc...)

Wisdom and Spirituality Today

The nature of our spiritual challenges and authentic spiritual paths are determined in part by the times in which we live, the modern times that are marked by a fragmentation and decay. However, beyond the times, in the eternal, lies the truth that speaks to us through the Sophia Perennis, the wisdom that has guided human beings for all ages. Here we discover more about what is unique about our times, how it impacts our spiritual choices, and how we can find authenticity even now.


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The Modern World
Women and the Sophia Perennis
The New Age
Tradition and Religion Today
Science and Evolution
Modern Philosophy

Spiritual Practice

To find meaning in our lives, it is important to find the truth for ourselves, and to understand the perennial philosophy, and the perennial religion that brings human beings in touch with the Absolute, the Divine Reality. It is important to understand and be aware of what is real, but in order to find harmony we must make our actions consistent with the truth as we understand it. Here we find wisdom and courage to follow our authentic paths, however difficult it may be given the world in which we live, the Kali Yuga (Iron Age) of the Hindus.


Teachers and Contributors Books and Reviews Audio and Video News and Articles
Virtue, Ethics, and Morality
Rites and Rituals
Meditation and Esoteric Practices

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