Ethereum Layer-2 Tokens Go Ballistic: All-Time High for Optimism (OP)!

• Ethereum Layer-2 tokens are enjoying an incredible rally despite the still bearish environment in the financial markets.
• The native token of the Layer-2 project Optimism (OP) has been one of the best-performing tokens in the crypto markets since the start of 2021, reaching its all-time high of $3.20.
• There might be a new narrative forming around the Layer-2 ecosystem and its promising future.

Ethereum Layer-2 Token Rally

The cryptocurrency market is currently seeing an incredible run for Ethereum Layer-2 tokens, such as Optimism (OP), Loopring (LRC), ImmutableX (IMX), and Polygon (MATIC). This bullish trend comes despite a bearish market environment in traditional finance markets.

Optimism’s Native Token OP Reaches All Time High

The native token of the Layer-2 project Optimism (OP) has been one of the best performing tokens in crypto markets since 2021 started, reaching its all time high of $3.20 – up 230% from last month. Other Layer-2 tokens like Loopring (LRC) and ImmutableX (IMX) have also seen increases – 57.5% and 150% respectively – due to their respective partnerships with Protocol: Gemini and blockchain for gaming built on Layer-2 platform.

Reason Behind Incredible Run for Layers 2 Tokens

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what sparked this recent wave of interest in Ethereum’s layer 2 scaling solutions, however there may be several contributing factors at play here including increasing equity market rallies, increased adoption rates, positive news from projects within this space, as well as an overall growth narrative being formed around this particular sector within crypto space.

Layer 2 Scaling Solutions Overview

Layer 2 refers to various scaling solutions that operate on separate blockchains outside of Ethereum mainnet which extend its network capacity by taking multiple transactions offchain and bundling them into one before sending them for verification back onto Ethereum mainnet thus reducing gas costs associated with it when compared to executing everything on mainnet level at once.
One such example is optimistic rollup solution called Optimism whose native token OP has seen tremendous success lately as mentioned earlier but other alternatives include zero knowledge rollup Loopring or ImmutableX which is blockchain dedicated towards gaming applications built on top of layer 2 protocol or Polygon which recently announced their upcoming release of zero knowledge EVM virtual machine scaling solution among others.


Emergent Games Launches New Web3 MMORPG ‚Resurgence‘ on ImmutableX

• Emergent Games is launching Resurgence, a Web3-based survival MMORPG, on the advanced scaling platform ImmutableX.
• The development team includes veterans from PlayStation, Activision, and NCSoft.
• ImmutableX is home to some of the most prolific Web3 games, including Gods Unchained, Illuvium, Guild of Guardians, Undead Blocks, and more.

Emergent Games, a next generation gaming and entertainment company, has announced the launch of Resurgence, a Web3-based survival MMORPG, on the advanced scaling platform ImmutableX. This move signifies the growing popularity of Web3 games, as well as the increasing demand for advanced scaling capabilities, gas-free minting and trading, and carbon neutrality.

The development team behind Resurgence is composed of veterans from PlayStation, Activision, and NCSoft, who have come together to create a game that brings the best of traditional gaming and Web3 in a new and innovative way. With their experience and expertise, the team is confident that Resurgence will be a hit among players.

The team has chosen ImmutableX as the platform for Resurgence, as the platform provides a number of beneficial features for Web3 game development. This includes advanced scaling capabilities, gas-free minting and trading, and carbon neutrality. These features make the platform attractive for game developers, as it provides a reliable and secure environment for their games.

ImmutableX is home to some of the most prolific Web3 games in the industry, including Gods Unchained, Illuvium, Guild of Guardians, Undead Blocks, and more. These established games have put the platform on the map, and Emergent Games is the latest partner to join the ecosystem. The platform recently bagged a landmark partnership with mainstream company GameStop, further cementing its status as a leader in Web3 gaming.

Resurgence from Emergent Games is the latest partner to be welcomed into the ImmutableX ecosystem. The team behind the game includes veterans from the traditional gaming sphere, such as Simon Rutter, who is the chairperson of the project. With their experience and expertise, the team is confident that Resurgence will be a hit among players.

With the launch of Resurgence, Emergent Games joins the ImmutableX ecosystem and takes advantage of its advanced scaling capabilities, gas-free minting and trading, and carbon neutrality. This marks an important milestone for Web3 gaming, as more developers move towards the platform and its suite of tools. With the increasing demand for Web3 games, more developers are turning to ImmutableX for their projects, further solidifying its status as a leader in the Web3 gaming industry.

Aave V3 Launched: Improved Capital Efficiency, Decentralized Liquidity & More

• Aave (AAVE) has deployed V3 of its decentralized finance platform on Ethereum mainnet.
• The upgrade introduces new risk mitigation features, improved capital efficiency and decentralized liquidity.
• The Aave governance token AAVE remained flat after V3 was deployed.

Aave, a decentralized finance (DeFi) lending and borrowing platform, has deployed version 3 of its protocol on Ethereum mainnet. The upgrade introduces new risk mitigation features, improved capital efficiency and decentralized liquidity, while reducing gas costs across all functions by 20-25%.

The Aave DAO voted unanimously in favor of the proposal to deploy Aave V3 on Ethereum, with no significant change in the price of its governance token, AAVE, after the launch. Aave calls V3 the „most significant upgrade to the Aave protocol“ since its inception in January 2017. The latest upgrade was first deployed on Ethereum Layer-2 networks like Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Layer-1 blockchain Avalanche.

The new features offered in Aave V3 include High-Efficiency Mode, which allows users to increase their capital efficiency when staking or borrowing. Isolation Mode allows for more assets to be listed on Aave as collateral while keeping the security of the protocol.

High-Efficiency Mode specifically focuses on reducing the cost of staking and borrowing by reducing the amount of capital required to do either. This allows users to increase their capital efficiency when using the platform. Isolation Mode also helps to increase user security by allowing more assets to be listed on the platform as collateral. This mode helps to protect users by ensuring that any assets listed on the platform are kept in isolated smart contracts.

Overall, Aave V3 is a significant upgrade to the protocol that offers users improved capital efficiency, decentralized liquidity, and increased security. The upgrade is expected to reduce gas costs and offer users greater control over their funds.

ICO e Tecnologia dei Distributed Ledger

L’utilizzo di ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) e di tecnologia di Distributed Ledger (DLT) sta crescendo rapidamente nel settore finanziario. Entrambi sono diventati uno strumento potente per le organizzazioni che cercano di accelerare la crescita attraverso l’accesso a nuovi mercati e a nuovi investitori. In questo articolo discuteremo come gli ICO e le tecnologie di Distributed Ledger possono essere utilizzati per aiutare le aziende a crescere in modo efficiente.

Uno dei principali broker di criptovalute, come One Bitcoin a Day, può aiutare gli investitori a prendere decisioni più informate sia sugli ICO che sulla tecnologia di Distributed Ledger.

Cos’è un ICO?

Un ICO è una forma di finanziamento in cui una organizzazione offre una nuova valuta o token digitale ai potenziali investitori in cambio di fondi. La valuta o token digitale può essere utilizzata dall’organizzazione per sviluppare nuove funzionalità, prodotti o servizi. Gli ICO possono anche essere utilizzati come strumento di marketing per promuovere una nuova organizzazione o progetto.

Vantaggi dell’utilizzo di un ICO

Gli ICO offrono ai potenziali investitori un modo semplice per partecipare a una nuova organizzazione o progetto. Inoltre, gli ICO sono spesso meno complicati da gestire rispetto ad altre forme di finanziamento, come le offerte pubbliche iniziali (IPO) o le offerte private. Gli ICO sono anche più veloci e meno costosi da eseguire rispetto ad altre forme di finanziamento.

Come funziona un ICO?

Un’organizzazione che desidera raccogliere fondi attraverso un ICO deve prima creare un documento di white paper. Il white paper contiene informazioni dettagliate sull’organizzazione, sul progetto e sul token digitale che sarà offerto agli investitori. Una volta che il white paper è stato completato, un’organizzazione può quindi iniziare a promuovere il proprio ICO attraverso vari canali di marketing, come blog, forum di discussione, social media e annunci a pagamento.

I rischi associati a un ICO

Gli investitori che partecipano ad un ICO devono essere consapevoli del fatto che il token digitale offerto non è necessariamente regolamentato. Pertanto, non ci sono protezioni legali per gli investitori e non sono garantiti i rendimenti. Inoltre, c’è il rischio che l’organizzazione non riesca a realizzare i propri obiettivi, che possano verificarsi problemi tecnici e che l’ICO possa essere utilizzato in modo fraudolento.

Cos’è un Distributed Ledger?

Un Distributed Ledger è un sistema di database distribuito che permette a più parti di condividere informazioni. Utilizza una rete decentralizzata per archiviare e gestire i dati in modo che siano accessibili a tutti i partecipanti.

Come funziona una Distributed Ledger?

Una Distributed Ledger è una rete di computer collegati in grado di condividere informazioni in modo sicuro. Quando una parte della rete fa una modifica, la modifica viene inviata a tutti gli altri partecipanti. Ogni partecipante poi verifica la modifica prima di accettarla. Una volta che la modifica è stata verificata, viene aggiunta permanentemente alla Distributed Ledger.

Vantaggi dell’utilizzo di una Distributed Ledger

Le Distributed Ledger offrono una serie di vantaggi a coloro che le utilizzano, tra cui: maggiore trasparenza, sicurezza, risparmio di costi, scalabilità, interoperabilità e privacy. Poiché la rete non è controllata da un singolo soggetto, la Distributed Ledger è resistente ai tentativi di manipolazione o corruzione dei dati.

Rischi associati a una Distributed Ledger

Anche se le Distributed Ledger offrono una serie di vantaggi, ci sono anche alcuni rischi associati all’utilizzo di questa tecnologia. Ad esempio, i dati memorizzati su una Distributed Ledger sono vulnerabili ai cyber attacchi come negli altri sistemi. Inoltre, la rete può essere soggetta a malfunzionamenti se una parte non è in grado di verificare in modo corretto le transazioni.


Gli ICO e le Distributed Ledger offrono ai potenziali investitori e alle organizzazioni diverse opportunità di finanziamento. Entrambi possono essere utilizzati per facilitare la crescita di un’organizzazione o di un progetto, ma ci sono anche alcuni rischi associati all’utilizzo di entrambi. Gli investitori e le organizzazioni devono valutare attentamente i rischi prima di decidere di adottare gli ICO o le Distributed Ledger.

Infrawatch PH Calls On Philippine Govt to Ban Binance Over Illegal Promotions

506 views The Philippine-based public think organization Infrawatch PH has asked the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to investigate Binance regarding its illegal promotion of deals in the Philippines. Infrawatch PH made this request via a letter, which claimed that the platform has been targeted at Filipino users using unregistered offers.

The letter, written by the think tank’s Convenor Terry Ridon, addressed to DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez, read: We’d like to bring your immediate attention the unlawful sales promotions of Binance that is believed to were initiated without the required DTI permit due to the absence of an DTI permit number on advertising for promotion as well as the general absence of the required license and registration for Binance within the Philippines.

However, Biticodes offers traders with an AI algorithm software that automatically makes new trades by scanning the markets.  Ridon was a lawyer as well as former legislator, claimed that Binance has been operating illegally throughout the Philippines for a long time. According to Ridon Binance isn’t legally registered. He also said:

DYP Farm

The unregistered activities of Binance allow Filipinos to purchase and sell cryptocurrency. In the complete disregard of Philippine regulations, they fulfill the roles of an unregistered Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) via an unregulated marketplace. Ridon also noted that the advertisements of Binance focus on Filipinos across multiple platforms which include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and various other communities.

According to him, the campaigns of Binance are designed to encourage Filipinos to adopt crypto, with the promises of earning rewards. He also said that the exchange will reward you with cash travel, international and local travel, crypto, as well as other rewards.

Binance’s Alleged Murky Past Continues Haunting It

Ridon added Ridon also noted that Binance has not earned an excellent reputation for its Anti-money-laundering policies. The Infrawatch Convenor for PH referred to Reuters report about Binance being a major hub for criminals. As per the article Binance has enabled money laundering for $2.5 billion of illicit funds in the past five years. Responding to the Infrawatch PH’s complaint to Binance, a Binance spokesperson stated that in the Philippines, Binance is looking to secure VASP as well as EMI licenses.

We continue to engage in discussions with regulators as well as people who are involved in the country. Our mission is to help contribute to the Philippines rapidly growing Web3 as well as blockchain-related ecosystem. It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first occasion that Infrawatch PH to speak against Binance. In the last month, the public think tank wrote an email in response to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) asking it to block Binance from operating illegally inside the Philippines. According to the BSP’s website, Binance is not the Virtual Asset Services Provider (VASP) license.

Virtual asset companies require this license in order to operate within the Philippines. This announcement is due to the fact that Binance is still facing regulatory challenges in various areas. This year, the company shut its operations in Ontario due to an order from the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC). According to reports, Binance did not comply with regulations on securities that the OSC implemented earlier in the year.

Bitcoin Pro is a program

Technologies and algorithms continue to advance over time. State-of-the-art methods even make it possible to determine a market development in advance. And that’s just based on information that is already available. Something like that sounds unimaginable, doesn’t it? Bitcoin Pro is a programme that enables its users to predict the market direction. This is an opportunity that no trader or investor in the market should miss out on, as it is a true financial asset.

In the following report, you will be allowed a glimpse into the world of Bitcoin Pro to see how traders are making profits with the software. This is a fairly new robot, but one that has already gained a lot of popularity. Here is the most important information about Bitcoin Pro.

### Logo ###

What is Bitcoin Pro?

Basically, this programme is a trading software. This means that it is capable of analysing current trends and other data on the market and using this to make a forecast for future developments. For example, it analyses foreign markets, the financial index or important news that may have an influence on the development of the market.

The bot processes the collected data again, whereupon it is passed on to brokers. They serve as controllers of the robot, so to speak. The brokers decide whether the processed information is true or whether the bot has made a mistake. Afterwards, a trade can be executed by the software.
This particularly fast way of working makes it possible to make profits in all markets without relying exclusively on human data processing, which takes significantly more time.

Features and functionality of Bitcoin Pro

### Key figures ###

Developer of Bitcoin Pro

The name John Meyers can be associated with the software. He is an experienced trader of cryptocurrencies and also active in the financial market. As already mentioned, there is also an extensive network of brokers available. These interpret the vast amounts of data that are processed by Bitcoin Pro. The reputable and regulated work of the brokers gives traders a huge advantage when trading, as they can always stay one step ahead of other investors.

### 3 steps ###

Opinion of a Bitcoin Pro user

Of course, I didn’t trust the application at all in the beginning. After all, it is virtually „looking into the future to make money“, which always reminded me of psychics at the fair. Nevertheless, I tested the software and noticed that it makes many things easier. You yourself as a user don’t have to understand how all this processing works and yet you can still use it to make money online. A few minutes of work with Bitcoin Pro a day has already had a good effect on my account.

Pros and cons of Bitcoin Pro

Features: The software has plenty of features to customise it to your needs. These can of course influence your profit positively as well as negatively.
Trading signals: The signals calculated by the bot using algorithms are verified by brokers before being released, which makes successful trading very likely.
Extensive data analysis: Bitcoin Pro uses a large number of signals that can have an influence on the respective market. This means that the trading signals generated are also extremely accurate.
Broker: The huge network of hard-working and well-qualified brokers ensures that traders receive only the best signals to maximise their profits.

Apart from John Meyers, there is no other known developer. However, due to the sophistication of the programme, they must be very experienced developers.


Bitcoin Pro seems like an excellent choice if you want to use a bot to trade. It was developed precisely to maximise traders‘ profits and has been very successful in doing so. For trading cryptocurrencies, you should definitely check out Bitcoin Pro.
The slightly different way this programme works adds to the excitement, and it is one of the most recommended options for trading cryptocurrencies.

BitQT hat keinen persönlichen Wallet

Die meisten Kryptowährungsbörsen verfügen über Kauflimits, um die gesetzlichen Bestimmungen und Anti-Geldwäsche-Praktiken einzuhalten. Wir erklären sie im Detail in dieser BitQT Überprüfung, so dass Sie wissen, wie Sie anfangen können und was die Einschränkungen sind, wenn überhaupt. Werfen wir einen Blick darauf.

Bei Einzahlungen über Kryptowährungen gibt es keine Beschränkungen für alle Konten. Allerdings gibt es ein 24-Stunden-Abhebungslimit von 5.000 $ für das Starter-Konto und ein 500.000 $-Limit für das Intermediate-Konto, wie im Screenshot unten zusammengefasst.

BitQT Konto Eigenschaften und Limits

Da BitQT eine Kryptowährungsbörse ist, wird es nicht als Wallet-Anbieter eingestuft. Benutzer können Gelder in BitQTs Unternehmens-Wallet einzahlen, um sie sicher aufzubewahren, während Gelder getauscht oder für den Handel verwendet werden.

Da BitQT keinen persönlichen Wallet-Service anbietet, verwenden viele Nutzer einen externen Wallet-Service, um ihre Kryptowährungen aufzubewahren. Dabei kann es sich um einen Online-Speicherdienst für digitale Vermögenswerte oder um Festplattenspeicher wie ein USB-Laufwerk handeln.

BitQT Mobile App

In diesem BitQT-Test ist es wichtig, die mobile App der Börse zu betrachten. Schließlich bewegen sich Kryptowährungen sehr schnell, und ein schneller Zugang zum Kauf, Verkauf und Umtausch ist von entscheidender Bedeutung.

Glücklicherweise zeichnet sich BitQT in diesem Bereich aus! Es sind drei verschiedene mobile Apps verfügbar: die New BitQT App, BitQT Pro und BitQT Futures. Alle sind im Apple AppStore oder im Google Play Store erhältlich.

Die New BitQT App ist vollgepackt mit Funktionen wie:

Verfolgen Sie Ihr Portfolio in Echtzeit
Erstellen Sie eine Watchlist
Sortieren nach Gewinnern und Verlierern
Einfach zu bedienen
Sauberes, intuitives Design
Die neue BitQT-App
Die mobilen Apps BitQT Pro und BitQT Futures sind noch beeindruckender und bieten zusätzliche Funktionen für den professionellen Handel. Die BitQT Pro App hat eine Bewertung von 4,4 von 18.028 im Google Play Store.

BitQT Benutzerfreundlichkeit
Die Eröffnung eines Kontos bei BitQT ist ein sehr einfacher Prozess und wird weiter unten in diesem Bericht in einer Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung beschrieben. Die Navigation auf der Plattform ist ebenfalls sehr einfach. Ihre Kontostände und Positionsbewertungen können Sie ganz einfach auf der Startseite einsehen, wie unten dargestellt:

BitQT Konto Homepage
Der Prozess des Kaufens, Verkaufens oder Konvertierens von Kryptowährungen ist ebenfalls recht einfach und kann auf verschiedene Arten erfolgen, indem Sie auf die Registerkarte „Trade“ oder „Buy Crypto“ oben auf der Plattform oder auf das Symbol „Buy“ in Ihrem Guthabenbereich klicken.

Eine der einfachsten Möglichkeiten, Kryptowährungen zu kaufen, ist über die Registerkarte „Handel“, die ein Fenster wie das unten abgebildete öffnet. Hier können Sie die Kryptowährung auswählen, die Sie kaufen möchten, und wie viel. Sie können direkt handeln oder Aufträge erteilen.

BitQT Handelsfenster
Für professionelle Nutzer ist die Markets-Plattform möglicherweise besser geeignet. Sie ist jedoch etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig und für Anfänger nicht unbedingt die einfachste Option. Es hängt alles davon ab, warum Sie diese BitQT Krypto Bewertung lesen und ob Sie ein Neuling sind, der gerade anfängt oder ein Profi, der sein Spiel verbessern möchte.

Auf der BitQT Markets-Plattform können Sie die Markttiefe einsehen, um zu sehen, wie viel Volumen zu bestimmten Preisniveaus gehandelt wird, sowie auf verschiedene Charting-Tools für die technische Analyse und erweiterte Ordertickets mit verschiedenen Optionen wie Marktaufträge, Limits und Stopps zugreifen.

Banken erleiden eine Tracht Prügel, während Bitcoin durch den Archegos-Ausverkauf ansteigt

Es war ein harter Tag an der Wall Street für große Banken, die dem Archegos-Ausverkauf am Freitag ausgesetzt waren, aber Bitcoin und Kryptowährungen haben von den Turbulenzen profitiert.

  • Die Kryptomärkte legten stark zu und die globale Marktkapitalisierung näherte sich 2 Billionen Dollar.
  • Ethereum wurde durch die Nachricht beflügelt, dass Visa nun mit USDC als Abrechnungsoption experimentiert.
  • Die Wall Street wird weiterhin durch den Archegos-Verkauf am Freitag erschüttert.

Krypto schien im Vergleich zahm

Wenn es um Preisausschläge geht, ist Krypto normalerweise derjenige, der die Schlagzeilen macht. Aber nach dem Archegos-Ausverkauf, der die globalen Asset-Märkte am Freitag erschütterte, schien Krypto im Vergleich zahm.

Die Marktkapitalisierung von Kryptowährungen hat über Nacht stark zugenommen und ist laut Nomics um 3,7% auf $1,87 Billionen gestiegen. Das bringt Krypto in die Nähe seines Allzeithochs von $1.9 Billionen, das Anfang des Monats erreicht wurde. Dieser Anstieg wurde auf dem gesamten Markt zu spüren.

Bitcoin ist nach einem unruhigen Wochenende um 3,4% auf rund $58,000 gestiegen. Aber mit seiner Marktdominanz, die jetzt unter 60% tendiert, haben andere Vermögenswerte den Märkten geholfen.

Allen voran Ethereum, das um 5,8% zulegte und seinen Preis wieder in den Bereich von $1.800 brachte, dank der Nachricht, dass Visa vor kurzem die Tür für Transaktionen geöffnet hat, die über sein Netzwerk mit USD Coin abgewickelt werden können – das auf Ethereum basiert.

Ripple sah auch Gewinne dank einer Flut von positiven Nachrichten. XRP ist um 3,5% gestiegen, nachdem die SEC einem Antrag stattgegeben hat, eine Intervention in dem laufenden Verfahren gegen das Unternehmen zuzulassen. Währenddessen erwarb Ripple eine 40%ige Beteiligung an dem südostasiatischen Zahlungsunternehmen Trango.

Weitere Gewinner in den Krypto-Top-20

Weitere Gewinner in den Krypto-Top-20 sind HEX mit einem Plus von 5,8 %, Chainlink mit 2,8 % und Algorand mit 10 %. Warum geht es Krypto so gut? Es scheint mit dem verbunden zu sein, was an der Wall Street passiert ist.

Wie wir gestern berichtet, Archegos Capital Management, das Büro des Milliardärs Bill Hwang war gezwungen, fast $30 Milliarden im Wert von Aktien zu verkaufen, nachdem die Märkte ging den falschen Weg.

Hwang hielt eine beträchtliche Menge an Aktien von Viacom und dem Discovery Network, was bedeutete, dass deren Kurse am Freitag um 27% einbrachen. Während die Märkte über das Wochenende geschlossen waren, wurde mit Spannung erwartet, wer sonst noch von dem Archegos-Dump betroffen sein würde. Und es stellte sich heraus, dass es der Bankensektor war.

Der Schweizer Bankenriese Credit Suisse hatte die Anleger im Vorfeld gewarnt, dass seine Position von dem plötzlichen Ausverkauf betroffen sein könnte. Bis zum gestrigen Handelsschluss verlor die Bank atemberaubende 11%. Wells Fargo wurde ebenfalls von dem Ausverkauf erfasst und verlor 3%.

Der Dow kletterte auf ein neues Schlusshoch

Während die Finanzbranche ihre Wunden leckte, kletterte der Dow auf ein neues Schlusshoch, und der S&P 500 war nur knapp von früheren Rekorden entfernt, dank Gerüchten, dass die US-Wirtschaft im letzten Quartal 630.000 neue Arbeitsplätze geschaffen hat – die beste Leistung seit Oktober 2019 und das bisher stärkste Signal, dass sich die Wirtschaft erholt. Der Stellenbericht wird erst am Freitag erwartet, aber die Märkte preisen die Nachricht bereits ein.

Angesichts der Nachricht, dass Biden in den kommenden Wochen seinen 4-Billionen-Dollar-Infrastrukturplan vorstellen wird, reiben sich die Industrie- und Energiesektoren die Hände. Aber der Plan wird wahrscheinlich zu einer Erhöhung der Steuern führen, was einige Sektoren befürchten, dass dies das Wachstum abwürgen könnte.

Auf welcher Seite des Zauns Sie auch immer sitzen, das nächste Quartal wird mit Sicherheit ein Feuerwerk werden.


Elon Musk aborda las críticas en torno a sus tuits sobre criptomonedas

No, Elon Musk no se pasa todo el tiempo tuiteando sobre criptografía.

Al contrario de lo que muchos podrían pensar, Elon Musk, el hombre más rico del planeta, no se pasa todo el día pensando en Dogecoin.

En un reciente tweet, el CEO de Tesla y SpaceX abordó las crecientes críticas sobre sus frecuentes tweets de criptodivisas, diciendo que su comportamiento en Twitter „definitivamente“ no representa su asignación de tiempo en el mundo real:

En efecto. Los tweets definitivamente no representan la asignación de tiempo en el mundo real.

Musk domina las conversaciones en Twitter

Actualmente, la cuenta de Twitter del hombre que está detrás de las dos empresas más revolucionarias del planeta está repleta de tuits relacionados con la criptomoneda.

Tal y como informa U.Today, Musk hizo que Dogecoin se disparara ayer de nuevo tras revelar que su hijo, „Lil X“, era un „niño de cabecera“.

El mismo día, publicó un meme de Bitcoin con Chuck Norris y recomendó a sus seguidores que evitaran las carteras de criptodivisas „a toda costa“.

A principios de esta semana, Tesla reveló su compra de Bitcoin por valor de 1.500 millones de dólares, lo que hizo que otras empresas se plantearan abrazar la criptodivisa.

Los tuits de Musk podrían meterle en problemas, otra vez

Doug Davison, ex jefe de la división de aplicación de la SEC, afirma que Musk podría aparecer en el punto de mira del regulador por su actividad en Twitter:

No sería sorprendente -dado el enfoque en los tweets del jefe ejecutivo, el precio de Bitcoin y los recientes movimientos dramáticos del mercado- que la SEC hiciera preguntas sobre los hechos y las circunstancias aquí.

El multimillonario no es ajeno a meterse en problemas con la SEC por su cuenta de Twitter. En septiembre de 2018, desembolsó 20 millones de dólares para resolver los cargos de fraude de valores con el regulador.

L’ethereum se bat pour obtenir près de 1 250 dollars

TA : L’ethereum se bat pour obtenir près de 1 250 dollars : pourquoi l’ETH reste attrayante dans les baisses

Ethereum a pris un élan haussier au-delà de la résistance de 1 150 $ contre le dollar américain. Le prix de l’ETH a franchi la résistance de 1.200 dollars, mais il a eu du mal à franchir le niveau de 1.250 dollars.

  • Ethereum a entamé une hausse constante au-dessus des niveaux de résistance de 1 150 et 1 200 dollars.
  • Le prix fait face à une résistance proche du niveau de 1 250 $, mais il est supérieur à la moyenne mobile simple de 100 heures.
  • Il y a une ligne de tendance haussière majeure qui se Bitcoin Code forme avec un support proche de 1200 $ sur le graphique horaire de l’ETH/USD (données fournies par le Kraken).
  • La paire pourrait corriger à la baisse, mais la résistance précédente proche de 1 150 $ pourrait agir comme un soutien fort.

Le prix de l’Ethereum devient vert

Le bitcoin et l’Ethereum ont connu une forte augmentation, dépassant respectivement 38 500 dollars et 1 150 dollars. Le prix de l’ETH a pris un élan haussier après avoir franchi la résistance de 1 150 $ et la moyenne mobile simple de 100 heures.

Le prix a même franchi les niveaux de résistance de 1200 et 1220 dollars. Cependant, les ours ont été actifs près du niveau de 1 250 $. Les taureaux ont tenté à deux reprises de franchir la zone des 1 250 $, mais ils ont échoué. Le récent sommet s’est formé près de 1 252 $ et le prix consolide actuellement ses gains.

Il a déjà testé le niveau de retracement de 23,6 % de la récente augmentation de la Fib de 983 $ à 1 252 $. A la baisse, il y a une ligne de tendance haussière majeure qui se forme avec un support proche de 1200 $ sur le graphique horaire de l’ETH/USD.

Une rupture à la baisse en dessous de la ligne de tendance de soutien pourrait conduire le prix vers la zone de soutien de 1 150 $. À la hausse, le niveau de 1 250 $ est une zone de rupture majeure. Une cassure nette au-dessus du niveau de 1 250 $ pourrait ouvrir les portes d’une augmentation régulière dans les prochaines sessions. La prochaine résistance clé est proche des niveaux de 1 300 et 1 320 dollars.

Des baisses soutenues à l’ETH ?

Si l’ethereum corrige à la baisse en dessous de la ligne de tendance et de 1 200 $, il pourrait trouver un fort soutien près de 1 150 $ et de la moyenne mobile simple de 100 heures.

Le prochain soutien important est proche de 1 120 $. Il est proche du niveau de retracement de 50 % de la récente augmentation de l’indice de 983 $ à 1 252 $. Toute perte supplémentaire pourrait éventuellement nécessiter une nouvelle baisse vers le niveau de soutien de 1 050 $ à court terme.

Indicateurs techniques

  • MACD horaire – Le MACD pour l’ETH/USD perd lentement du terrain dans la zone haussière.
  • RSI horaire – Le RSI de l’ETH/USD diminue vers le niveau 55.
  • Niveau de soutien majeur – 1 150
  • Niveau de résistance majeure – 1 250