The Salvation Army is accepting crypto-currencies for the holiday season.


  • The Salvation Army is now accepting donations in BTC and ETH.
  • The pandemic has deepened poverty, increasing the need for charitable giving in 2020.
  • Crypto donations take advantage of the hype of a new monetary system to help the charity meet its needs while maintaining a social distance.

The Salvation Army has announced that it will accept crypto donations. As crypto-currency prices rise and social distancing continues, the organization is looking to take advantage of the emerging digital phenomenon.

What would Satoshi do?

Maybe you’ve seen them on the street or hanging out in front of grocery stores while their breath forms a light fog? They ring their bells, they beat red kettles and they are dressed as Santa Claus. They want you to make a donation to charity. Yes, that’s the Salvation Army.

This year, contrary to the usual vacations, the Good Samaritans are staying home to respect the social distance. Also, interest in digital currencies has exploded. From central banks to libertarians, everyone wants to send their money digitally.

The 150-year-old charity is in turn embracing this new asset class, seeing encrypted donations as an opportunity to help the poor. On December 15, 2020, Engiven Inc. announced that it would manage crypto-money donations for the Salvation Army.

Digital donation bowls

In the United States, Army converts are mostly on the streets and wish people happy holidays throughout the month of December. They wholeheartedly ask passers-by to deposit their small change in their famous red bowl.

Knowing that people are now staying at home (and away from the stores), it is more difficult than usual to get donations. According to the Salvation Army, the pandemic has hit poor communities harder, so fundraising has become a problem.

The Christian organization says it normally helps 23 million Americans a year. This year, however, it expects a 155% increase in normal demand due to the poverty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fortunately for the organization, it has a backup solution: crypto-money. The head of the U.S. Western Territory Section, Douglas Riley, said :

We believe that the value and widespread use of Bitcoin has created a tremendous donation opportunity to meet the high needs.

Know Your Customer

As with all good news, there are also restrictions related to the Know Your Customer (KYC) principle. Engiven assures users that if they follow the platform protocols, crypto donations will be safe, secure and tax-deductible.

Engiven works with charities and non-profit organizations to bring crypto money to their coffers. Although the Salvation Army, a religious charity, accepts donations of digital currency, it does not appear to be hoddering. According to its website, Engiven will convert the crypto it receives into U.S. dollars.

Engiven also seeks to educate the public about charitable donations of crypto currency. The company describes donating through crypto as being as simple as using a credit card. It also says people can donate to any of the 1.6 million U.S. nonprofit organizations that use the platform.

With Bitcoin’s growing popularity and having currently surpassed $23,000, this year could be the right year to accept crypto transactions. People who wish to do so can send Bitcoin and ETH, including social distancing, to the Salvation Army at

Partner Zarządzający Loup Ventures: Inwestorzy instytucjonalni zwiększyli wiarygodność Bitcoin’a

Partner zarządzający w dużym VC Loup Ventures uważa, że wejście inwestorów instytucjonalnych zwiększyło legitymację Bitcoin’a w 2020 roku.

Gene Munster, partner zarządzający w amerykańskiej firmie venture capital Loup Ventures, stwierdził niedawno, że podstawowa krypto waluta nie jest „dobrym zakładem“, jeśli chodzi o spekulacje.

  • Pojawiając się w Squawk Box CNBC, Munster porównał ostatnie zmiany cen bitcoinów z akcjami Tesli, a zwłaszcza „duże ruchy w górę i w dół“. W związku z tym poradził ludziom, aby powstrzymali się od spekulacji na temat ceny BTC.
  • Zamiast tego, kierownictwo Loup Ventures zauważyło, że inwestorzy powinni skupić się na idei Bitcoin, aby „globalnie przekształcić waluty“ i technologii stojącej za tym aktywem.
  • „Myślę, że jest na to miejsce“ [bitcoin]. Myślę, że technologia ma swoje miejsce, jeśli chodzi o mechanizmy monetarne. Myślę, że z biegiem czasu, Bitcoin nadal będzie poruszał się wyżej.“
  • Zamiast „twój kierowca z Uberu mówi ci, żebyś kupił Bitcoin Evolution„, Munster podkreślił znaczenie nowo powstałych instytucji i profesjonalnych inwestorów. Według niego, jest to wyraźny znak, że krypto waluta „zaczyna poruszać się w bardziej wiarygodnym kierunku.“
  • Ten rok rzeczywiście okazał się być wielkim wejściem dla instytucji i dużych inwestorów. Wiodący cyfrowy menedżer aktywów Grayscale nadal pokazuje rekordowe kwartalne wpływy dla swojego Bitcoin Trust. Gigantyczne firmy inwestycyjne, takie jak BlackRock, chwaliły BTC, a takie nazwiska jak Paul Tudor Jones III i Stan Druckenmiller otwarcie przyznały się do zakupu Bitcoinów.

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Alexander Hoeptner, o novo CEO da Bitmex Holding 100x

Alexander Höptner, Stock Exchange Director, becomes CEO of Bitmex-Holding

Alexander Höptner, CEO of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange since 2018, will be the new CEO of 100x, the holding company behind the Bitcoin Bitmex derivatives exchange.

December begins with a bang: with Alexander Höptner, the head of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange moves to the encryption sector. In January 2021 Höptner will take up his new Bitcoin Supreme position as CEO of the 100x Group. This is the holding company for the Bitcoin Bitmex derivatives platform.

The BitMEX platform has changed the way we trade cryptographic currencies forever, and the 100x Group will change the way we use modern financial services forever. […] I will ensure that the 100x Group and the BitMEX platform continue to play a leading and constructive role in the global development of digital asset markets,

Simple – unbeatably cheap – Made in Germany

As the first German supplier, justTRADE offers a complete solution for trading in cryptographic currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, …) shares, ETFs and certificates. Website & Apps are intuitively designed, offer many useful features and are suitable for both beginners and advanced traders. Best of all, there are no transaction costs or network fees.

Alex joins us at a time when the company is on its way to transformation in our next phase of growth and development, and I am confident that he will make an important contribution with his expertise,

David Wong, Chairman of the 100x Group, is right.

Alexander Höptner, the bridge builder

Höptner has gained the experience Wong alludes to on both the classic stock exchange floor and the crypto-space. For 15 years he held various management positions at Deutsche Börse AG before becoming CEO of the Stuttgart stock exchange in 2018. Under his leadership, Germany’s first regulated trading platform for digital assets, the Stuttgart Digital Exchange (BSDEX), was created.