Alexander Hoeptner, o novo CEO da Bitmex Holding 100x

Alexander Höptner, Stock Exchange Director, becomes CEO of Bitmex-Holding

Alexander Höptner, CEO of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange since 2018, will be the new CEO of 100x, the holding company behind the Bitcoin Bitmex derivatives exchange.

December begins with a bang: with Alexander Höptner, the head of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange moves to the encryption sector. In January 2021 Höptner will take up his new Bitcoin Supreme position as CEO of the 100x Group. This is the holding company for the Bitcoin Bitmex derivatives platform.

The BitMEX platform has changed the way we trade cryptographic currencies forever, and the 100x Group will change the way we use modern financial services forever. […] I will ensure that the 100x Group and the BitMEX platform continue to play a leading and constructive role in the global development of digital asset markets,

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Alex joins us at a time when the company is on its way to transformation in our next phase of growth and development, and I am confident that he will make an important contribution with his expertise,

David Wong, Chairman of the 100x Group, is right.

Alexander Höptner, the bridge builder

Höptner has gained the experience Wong alludes to on both the classic stock exchange floor and the crypto-space. For 15 years he held various management positions at Deutsche Börse AG before becoming CEO of the Stuttgart stock exchange in 2018. Under his leadership, Germany’s first regulated trading platform for digital assets, the Stuttgart Digital Exchange (BSDEX), was created.