16. Oktober 2020

Breitling partners with the French consortium Ariannee Project to authenticate its watches

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Breitling will authenticate its luxury watches on the blockchain.

The prestigious Swiss brand has joined forces with the French consortium Ariannee Project.

The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations based on transparency standards.

Breitling is associated with the Ariannee Project

Luxury watch maker Breitling will issue certificates on the Ethereum blockchain .

Bitcoin Trader has partnered with the French consortium Arianee Project to issue a new type of certificate of authenticity for its luxury watches. Instead of issuing physical certificates, the watchmaker will provide a unique digital passport certifying the origin of the watches.

By using a blockchain-based solution, Breitling ensures that its digital passports remain unalterable. Breitling customers will be able to download the Arianee application in order to view the serial number, the date of acquisition as well as the product’s digital warranty.

About the Ariannee Project consortium

Ariannee Project is an independent and participatory organization whose mission is to establish a global standard for the digital certification of valuables.

Many prestigious members are already part of the association such as Vacheron Constantin , Audemars Piguet and Ba & sh .

Emmanuelle Collet, co-founder of Ariannee, said:

Houses that will have access to this customer knowledge base will inevitably have an advantage.