4. Mai 2023

Phantom Wallet Goes Multichain: Manage NFTs Across Ethereum, Polygon & Solana

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• Solana’s Phantom Wallet is now supporting Ethereum, Polygon and Solana networks.
• The wallet has been upgraded to include better NFT management features and enhanced security.
• This move signifies that Phantom is capitalizing on the diminishing popularity of centralized exchanges.

Phantom Wallet Goes Multichain

Solana’s flagship self-custodial wallet Phantom Wallet is broadening its scope by adding support for Ethereum and Polygon networks, enabling users to manage their NFTs across chains seamlessly. The new upgrade will also allow users to use decentralized applications (dApps) without manual switching.

NFT Management Features

Phantom introduced more features to help improve user experience, including better NFT management and enhanced security. Users are now able to search, pin, and manage listings on marketplaces directly within the wallet. The system also allows users to hide spam NFTs from view. Additionally, the security upgrade lets users preview transactions in an easy-to-read format with an automated blocklist to help prevent malicious transactions.

Motivation Behind Multichain Support

The move towards multichain functionality was prompted by a sentiment echoed by many in the crypto space – that the future will be multichain. In addition, it capitalizes on the diminishing popularity of centralized exchanges following FTX’s fall – as users have been seeking alternative options for crypto custody.

Compatible Everywhere With MetaMask Button

The multichain feature comes with support for multiple secret recovery phrases so that it’s easy for users to import all of their wallets in a few seconds. Furthermore, Phantom is compatible everywhere with a MetaMask button, allowing people to quickly connect their wallets without hassle.


In conclusion, Phantom’s introduction of multichain support and various upgrades demonstrate their commitment towards making itself more versatile and user-friendly for crypto traders looking for alternative solutions for crypto custody outside of centralized exchanges like FTX