11. Mai 2023

Trade SHIB and BONE Like a Pro with Shibarium Bot Trading!

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Shiba Inu Trading Bots on Shibarium

• NowNodes offers a step-by-step guide for setting up trading bots on Shibarium.
• The setup requires customizing the trading strategy, connecting to the Shibarium Chain ID, and programming with Python.
• The traders have to define the logic and structure of their customized dApp in order to make the bot trading work.

Setting Up Bot Trading Strategy

Crypto traders who want to set up a trading bot on Shibarium must customize their trading strategy by determining a reasonable price for buying, what notifications are important, and what tools should be used for automated actions. Most importantly, they should connect their trading bot to Shibarium Chain ID (719).

Getting Access to On-Chain Data

Once the setup is complete, crypto enthusiasts must install the libraries provided by NowNodes on Twitter and obtain an API key from the blockchain infrastructure provider in order to extract any on-chain data. This can be done either from a DEX or an Oracle.

Defining dApp Logic & Structure

In this step, traders have to define the logic and structure of their customized dApp in order for it to function properly when making trades. The goal is for the trading bot to loop through Shiba Inu (SHIB) price checks and execute orders based on pre-defined parameters that were set up during customization.

Benefits of Using Trading Bots

Using a trading bot allows investors increased automation of trades which reduces possible losses while also increasing efficiency when making moves in the market. Additionally, having access to real-time data helps traders make more informed decisions about where they put their money at any given time.